Auction Guidelines

  • Always view goods or property you are interested in before the auction
  • Check the conditions of sale.
  • Enquire about outstanding rates and taxes levies etc.
  • Make sure you have cash or a bank guaranteed cheque to cover the deposit and commission.
  • Establish whether the sale is subject to vat or transfer duty – only one of these is payable.
  • To prevent paying for additional transfers make sure you have decided before the auction in whose name the transfer should take place.
  • When in doubt about something, contact the auctioneer or trustees/sellers for clarification.
  • Make a note of the date for confirmation, if any. If unsure check with the auctioneer.
  • Decide on your bidding figure.
  • Remember with property to include relevant transfer costs and duties when calculating what its likely to cost you in the end.

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